Life Size Whale

We had the opportunity to visit a life-sized whale at a nearby college today. One of the classes had put together a 60-foot-long whale that looked like it was made from a thin vinyl and duct tape (probably was a little more sophisticated than that) … [Keep reading...]

Night of Notables

Each year, our local homeschool group holds of Night of Notables where each kid chooses a famous person, living or dead, to portray in costume. The adults wander around and ask questions of each one … [Keep reading...]

Westward Expansion & American Pioneers

Starting next week, we'll be studying America's pioneers and the westward expansion in our homeschool. These are some of the resources we'll be using: Overview of Westward Expansion & Pioneer … [Keep reading...]

Alex is Six Months Old!

Sweetly sleeping at six weeks old

Alex turns six months old today! Here's a little walk through his life so far... … [Keep reading...]

Oral Presentations 2013

Every year, our local homeschool group does an evening of Oral Presentations from the kids (along with a Thanksgiving dinner). The kids can pick anything they want to recite or perform - a song, poem, … [Keep reading...]