Field Day at Pipestem State Park

playing frisbee golf

Every year, our homeschool group has a field day at Pipestem State Park. The older kids go on a hike - usually a five-mile hike that takes them across the river, but because it rained last night, they went on a shorter hike and turned around when … [Keep reading...]

A Most Beautiful Day


On one of the first warm days this spring, I hung sheets out on the clothesline ... which always means boys running through them. :-) We spread a blanket on the ground and sat down in the sun and … [Keep reading...]

Salt Dough Map of America’s Westward Expansion

The boys created a salt dough map of the United States for our Westward Expansion studies. (It took six or seven batches of salt dough - whoa!) Later, they added a red line showing the … [Keep reading...]

Nick’s Seventh Grade Science Project

Nick did his second Science Fair project for our local homeschool group's fair this year. (He did a project way back in second grade, but our group didn't hold a fair for many years.) His … [Keep reading...]

James’s Fourth Grade Science Project

James completed his first science project this year and entered it into our local homeschool group's Science Fair. His project: What is the Boiling Temperature of Salt Water? Hypothesis: I … [Keep reading...]