Oral Presentations Fall 2014

At our homeschool group's Oral Presentations event last fall, our three oldest boys recited poems and Scripture. I had totally forgotten I'd filmed them until I was going through the memory card today. I love finding forgotten videos! :-) Robert … [Keep reading...]

Nick’s Science Fair Project 2015

Nick with sunscreen and UV beads project

For this year's Science Fair, Nick did an experiment to see how different SPF sunscreen levels affect the time it takes UV beads to turn color in the sun. Have you heard of UV beads? These little … [Keep reading...]

James’s Science Fair Project 2015

James, his flower project, certificate, and blue ribbon

For the Science Fair this year, James collected flowers and gave a presentation to the judges about flower pollination and reproduction. He poetically called his project┬áThe Inner Depth of Flowers. I … [Keep reading...]

Robert’s Science Fair Project 2015

Robert, his science project, certificate, and red ribbon

For the Science Fair this year, Robert put together a leaf collection. He filled out "tree detective" pages from the Considering God's Creation science curriculum to help figure out what each tree … [Keep reading...]

Gas Warfare in World War I

Robert wearing a homemade gas mask

For part of our World War I studies this year, we're doing activities from the book World War I for Kids: A History with 21 Activities. It includes a variety of activities such as: making mini … [Keep reading...]