An Ode to Jon (Hubby List Meme)

Cindy & Jon 2-14-1999
Cindy & Jon – February 14, 1999

Karen posted this Hubby List Meme last month, and I begged politely asked her to tag me on it. She very kindly added me to her tag list, and I’m finally ready to do it! I wanted to share the photo above with you, but I needed to get it scanned. Since I don’t have a scanner myself, it took me until yesterday to get it scanned.

Can you remember the day you first met your hubby?
Yes, quite vividly.

When was that? (doesn’t have to be specific)
January 8, 1999. Our “how we met” story is a little complicated, and I will share the whole story in another post. Suffice it to say that we lived 500 miles apart and had been introduced and started writing letters and emails to each other in December 1998. In January, Jon traveled to WV so we could meet in person.

First impression.
I was scared to death while waiting for Jon to arrive. His email address was bigjon517, and while he assured me that 517 was NOT his weight, he did tell me that he was a “big guy.” I was afraid that he was very overweight and that I wouldn’t be interested in him because of it. My stomach hurt for two days before he arrived, and while I was waiting for him outside the student center of my college…I wanted to bolt! My dear friend Crystal is the only reason I was able to stay there.

I was quite relieved when he finally arrived. He is a big guy but not at all “sloppy fat” which is what I had really been worried about. (I do not mean to offend anyone by being blunt…I’m just being honest about what I was thinking.) Once I got over being so nervous (maybe 30 minutes after meeting him), I enjoyed talking to him and felt right at home around him.

Were you attracted to him?
I kissed him the next day, so I guess that means something.

Were you friends before he became your bf?
No. I told him the day after we met that if he didn’t want to get married, then I didn’t want to waste my time. Ha!

What was the sweetest thing he did for you?
About a month before we got married, he stayed late when he should have left to return home at around 4pm. (It was a 10 hour drive, and he had to be at work the next afternoon.) I cried and didn’t want him to leave (he didn’t want to leave either), so he stayed and even took me out for dinner at Applebee’s. It was about nine pm when he finally left.

He took me to McDonalds for breakfast the day we got married and didn’t laugh at me because that was the special breakfast I wanted on our wedding day.

What are the things about him that you are thankful for?

  • He goes to work everyday and doesn’t complain about having to get up early.
  • He doesn’t (or rarely) complains if the house is messy and dinner isn’t cooked.
  • He loves God and is pressing toward the mark.
  • He has supported my choice to breastfeed even though he didn’t grew up knowing anyone who breastfed. He’s learned as much as I have about what to do and not do, and he even encourages the ladies he has worked with to breastfeed their babies. He talks to the men at work and encourages them to support their breastfeeding wives. He’s even given some ‘troubleshooting’ advice for some mom/baby pairs who are having breastfeeding problems. I think that is fabulous and very admirable!
  • He is a good ‘hands-on’ dad from birth onward. I appreciate that he changes diapers and gives baths and brushes teeth without even being asked to do it. We truly parent 50/50, and I’m thankful for that and think that is rather rare.
  • He loves a woman’s separation to God.
  • He loves me even when I’m mean.
  • He loads the dishwasher almost every morning before any of the rest of us even get out of bed.
  • He prefers being with the family instead of seeking outside friendships.
  • He likes to cook.
  • He doesn’t try to sneak soda or sweets to the baby.
  • Jon & Cindy 4-27-2008
    Jon and Cindy – April 27, 2008

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  1. Aw!!!!!!! And here I thought you didn't like me. This is so SWEET. I LOVE YOU,

    Cindy Thanks for the post. Your Loving other half.

  2. That is so sweet Cindy :). I don't know if I have a picture of us together before we were married! We only saw each other for 3 weeks before we became engaged, and then we were married 3 months after we met! LOVED reading your story!

  3. Jon's Mom says:

    Cindy I just got around to looking at your blog for the last week. this entry is great. I read about the things you are teaching the children…sounds great….but this one made me cry…. I love you.

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