Meology – More Than You Want To Know

A friend posted this “meology” on Facebook, and I thought it would make a decent blog post. I haven’t been doing too well with making frequent posts the last couple of weeks – so here’s a “look into my life” to fill in the blanks. (Note: It’s very long. If you make it to the end, you’ll get a little prize.)


What is your salad dressing of choice? I don’t do salad dressing or salad.

What is your favorite sit-down restaurant? Outback

What food could you eat every day for two weeks and not get sick of? Domino’s pizza

What are your pizza toppings of choice? I prefer plain cheese but will also eat (and enjoy) pepperoni.

What do you like to put on your toast? butter or peanut butter

Chocolate or Vanilla? chocolate


How many televisions are in your house? 0

What color cell phone do you have? black

Do you have a laptop? Yes, I love it.


Are you right-handed or left-handed? right

Have you ever had anything removed from your body? Not forcibly.

What is the last heavy item you lifted? A table at church.

Have you ever been knocked unconscious? I’m pretty sure I was unconscious for a minute or two after hitting my head on the concrete when I fell off a ladder at age seven. I remember my sister laughing as the ladder tipped backward, and then I remember waking up in my mom’s bed.


How many pairs of flip flops do you own? 0, but I’ll be buying a pair soon

Last time you had a run-in with the cops? I’ve never been pulled over, believe it or not. The last time I can remember Jon being pulled over while I was with him is when he was driving 70 in a 55mph zone on the way home from church when James was a baby.

Last person you talked to on the phone? a parent of one of our Little League players

Last person you hugged? Jon


Season? Spring, I love the budding trees and the flowers.

Holiday? Thanksgiving

Day of the week? That’s a hard one. I love Sunday because of church, Monday because we have a slow school day and the kids usually sleep a little later than usual, and Saturday because Jon’s home all day and we don’t usually have many outside obligations. But all the other days are nice too, so…

Month? That’s hard too. I like the spring months, but I also like the summer months and November for Thanksgiving, December for Christmas. I don’t care much for January or February because it can stay so cold.


Missing someone? Not that I can think of.

Mood? anticipation

What are you listening to? The dryer running, Nicholas talking, my typing, general household sounds.

Watching? nothing

Worrying about? nothing


First place you went this morning? the bathroom…isn’t that the first place most people go? I haven’t been out of the house yet today.

What’s the last movie you saw? Hmm, Jon and I watched one called The Bunker with Anthony Hopkins a few weeks ago.

Do you smile often? Of course, I lots of reasons to smile and laugh.

Do you always answer your phone? Almost always. If I’m very busy, I don’t answer it.

Its four in the morning and you get a text message, who is it? A wino with the wrong number.

If you could change your eye color what would it be? I wouldn’t.

What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic? I don’t. Straight root beer, please.

Do you own a digital camera? yes

Have you ever had a pet fish? yes – The betas have always been my favorite. I’ve had Bert, Brody, Briscoe, Curtis, and Rainbow, but they’ve all died. Briscoe lived the longest and actually moved with us three times.

Favorite Christmas song(s)? O Come All Ye Faithful

What’s on your wish list for your birthday? I would love to have a Kindle or other ebook reader.

Can you do push ups? Maybe one.

Can you do a chin up? No.

Does the future make you more nervous or excited? excited – I’m going home!

Do you have any saved texts? What does that mean? Texts on a cell phone? I don’t text, and the only ones I ever receive are payment confirmations from my cell phone company. I don’t save them.

Ever been in a car wreck? yes

Do you have an accent? Everyone has an accent, so yes.

What is the last song to make you cry? Another hard one…I can’t really remember. I think my eyes welled up last month when I was listening to I Need You by Jars of Clay.

Plans tonight? It’s a secret.

Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom? I don’t know what rock bottom means. I’ve felt bad, depressed, etc., but God has always been there to bring me back up in due time. I think rock bottom only exists apart from God.

Name 3 things you bought yesterday: I didn’t buy anything yesterday – yea, me!

Have you ever been given roses? Yes.

Current hate right now? Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been

Met someone who changed your life? Jesus Christ

How did you bring in the New Year? I went to sleep at 11:55.

What song represents you? So very many – The two I already mentioned are Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been by RelientK and I Need You by Jars of Clay. They both describe me very well.

Would you go back in time if you were given the chance? YES! I would love to experience other time periods.

Have you ever dated someone longer than a year? Yes

Do you have any tattoos/piercings? No.

What songs do you sing in the shower? I Will Bless the Lord at All Time, Jesus – Lover of My Soul, anything that’s “stuck in my head”

Ever had someone sing to you? My kids

Do you like to cuddle? If I’m in the right mood. But always with my babies.

Have you held hands with anyone today? Yes, in a way.

Who was the last person you took a picture of? Nicholas, but he held a pack of flour tortillas in front of his face just as I snapped the pic – so I deleted it.

What kind of music did you listen to in elementary school? classic rock like Led Zepplin and the Rolling Stones

Do you believe in staying close with your ex’s? Well, that’s a choice I’ve never faced. Two ex’s split with me without ever telling me, and I’ve never seen them again…actually, I may have seen one at a party but I was already married and didn’t give it much thought. The only other ex I have lives in another state, but I see him from time to time. He and his wife and son are actually going to be staying at our house this weekend. I’m happy where I am, so ex’s aren’t really an issue.

Are most of the friends in your life new or old? I have met all of my current friends within the last 12 years.

Do you like pulpy orange juice? no way

What is something your friends make fun of you for? My friends are too kind to make fun of me. We’re all square together.

Have you ever ridden an elephant? Yes, once.

Do you like to play Scrabble? Not really, but I play it with Jon occasionally.

What are you saving your money up for right now? Lord willing, we’ll attend a homeschool conference in North Carolina next month.

When is the last time you ate peanut butter and jelly? I have never eaten peanut butter and jelly.

What were you doing at 12 AM last night? Talking, I think.

What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up? Robby, quit kicking me.

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  1. Cute!

    I needed something to blog about, so I stole this from you!



  2. The MaMa says:

    How do I do this meology? And when did you ride an elephant?

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