Curtains For My Sliding Glass Door

Our back door is actually a sliding glass door in the kitchen. When we moved in, it had vertical blinds hanging up. They’re nice enough, but this particular set kept losing slats…they’d just fall off. We could stick them back up in place and they’d stay for a few days, but then down they’d come again. I think I ended up with three or four “troublemakers” folded up in my laundry room floor, which left gaps in the blinds. So when we’d shut them, they still wouldn’t really be blocking the whole door. It was getting very bothersome, and then one day it hit me…. Why don’t I make curtains?

I searched around the internet for ideas to help me decide what to make. What kind of curtains do you make for a sliding glass door anyway? I found lots of ideas and happened on one I liked pretty quickly. Then we went to Wal-Mart’s fabric department and found a very pretty, curtain-appropriate blue fabric with subtle flower designs. It’s one of those where the design is still the same color but the threads are going a different direction. It gives the design areas a slightly shimmery look compared to the rest.

Curtains are so easy to make. Hem each side and then hem the top and the bottom. Voila! You’re done. To make things even simpler, I bought ring “hooks.” The ring portion slides freely on the curtain rod, and the hook grabs and holds the curtain. You can see what I mean in the picture. This makes it so easy for the kids to open the curtain if they want to go outside – much, much easier than the vertical blinds.

curtains for a sliding glass door
For the bottom hem, I wanted the curtain to lightly touch the floor but not be bunched up at the bottom. So I hemmed the sides and then the top, installed the curtain rod (with Jon’s help) and “hooked” the curtains onto the rings. Then I put stick pins horizontally every two or three inches at the exact level of the floor. That gave me the spot to iron a crease for the bottom hem. I cut off the excess and left enough for about a four inch hem. I couldn’t get the bottom in the photo since the kitchen table was in the way.

The side hems are about 1 1/2 inches, and the top hem is around three inches. I didn’t measure any of it, just cut and hemmed where it looked right to my eye. Deciding how much fabric to purchase was the hardest part – since my math skills are apparently in the can! The fabric cutting lady at Wal-Mart had to correct me about the amount of fabric needed. She saved me $20-30! I ended up buying about 3 1/2 yards of 60″ width fabric.

The fabric is doing a great job of blocking light and heat. If you’ve got a sliding glass door, you know that the amount of sunlight they let in can make a room very hot. Combine that with cooking on a summer day, and whew! The first morning I got up after hanging up the curtains, I could tell a huge difference in the amount of light even at the end of our hallway (opposite end of the house from the kitchen). Anytime we want more natural light in the room or need to go out the door, it’s just a second to slide the curtain open.

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  1. It looks awesome! I love the sliding hooks — perfect for the ease of moving the curtain to open/close the door!

  2. Awesome tackle:-)
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  3. Wow, I like the idea of using the little rings – I'll have to remember that! Nice job!
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  4. Great job. I need to make curtains for our large picture window in the living room but have thus far avoided doing it. I've been afraid it would cost too much for the fabric. Maybe I'll scout the store for markdown pieces.

  5. Fantastic job here! The curtains look wonderful.

  6. What a good idea! We need heavier curtains for all our bedrooms, to help keep the heat in. For some reason we're feeling colder than usual in the winter. Must be the damp cold, as the temperatures have been milder than average.

    Thanks for the inspiration! You've made homemade curtains look so easy!

    Jean´s last blog post ..TOS Crew: REAL Homeschool Spanish

  7. This is a great idea! I have sliding glass doors, in our front entryway, in an odd place. I have always wondered the best, most economical way, to put up curtains there. I will try your idea this spring!

    Sounds easy enough! Thanks so much for linking up!


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