Review: Amazing Bible Timeline

Amazing Bible Timeline

I like timelines, and I love the Bible – the two have been combined into a unique educational tool called The Amazing Bible Timeline. I received a complimentary copy of this chart from Bible Charts and Maps LLC. This large wall chart measures 37″ by 45″. The day it arrived, I hung it on my bedroom wall because that was the only empty space large enough.

It’s hard to know where to begin in telling you about The Amazing Bible Timeline. The amount of information contained on the timeline is staggering, to say the least. The Bible Charts website calls it “history of man at a glance,” but I think it takes much more than a glance to absorb all – or even a small amount – of the information on the timeline.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time over the last several weeks staring at the chart, turning and twisting to read the print that projects out at various angles. An overview of all the major (and some minor) kingdoms, nations, and empires, as well as people and events, is included in chronological order. Everything radiates from a central circle with the beginning of our creation at the top-center of the chart, the life and crucifixion of Jesus Christ at “6:30,” and the present time at “12:45,” so to speak.

The chart is especially interesting, to me, because it can show what people lived at the same time in history. For example, the chart shows that Buddha lived about the same time that Nebuchadnezzar invaded Judea and Daniel was taken captive. I never would have dreamed!

The Amazing Bible Timeline uses color to help show the relationships between certain people, events, and nations. The early Old Testament saints are shown in yellow highlights with Cain and his descendants being shown in blue. From the Flood onward, the people and nations descended from Shem are shown in yellow, the descendants of Ham in blue, and the descendants of Japheth in a dark pink color. Events and people related to the Catholic Church are shown in purple, and those related to the Reformation are highlighted in light pink. Instead of all those shades of pink/purple, I think it would be easier to distinguish if a green or red or another color were used. As I understand it, Bible Charts and Maps is preparing for another printing of The Amazing Bible Timeline and will use different colors.

I love history – I love learning about it, I love thinking about it, I love imagining what life was like ‘back then,’ I love imagining the people and how they traveled, lived, and thought. If anything, The Amazing Bible Timeline has given me more questions than ever…but good questions! Were the Egyptian pyramids built before or after the Flood? Who were the first people to move into what is now North and South America? Just how much contact took place between ancient kingdoms and cultures? I love speculating about those things, and The Amazing Bible Timeline has given new ‘food for thought’ on numerous topics.

I haven’t used this chart with my boys, however, because it just seems beyond their current interest and understanding. (They’re 8, 5, and 1…) I can see history-minded teens being very interested in the chart and its information, however.

The Amazing Bible Timeline can be purchased from Bible Charts and Maps LLC for $29.95. It is a very sturdy poster on heavy paper that will last for many, many years. After purchasing the timeline, Bible Charts and Maps provides several free downloads including two artistic renditions of Jesus’ genealogy, maps “through time” of the Holy Land, and a digital version of The Amazing Bible Timeline. The digital version makes it easy to zoom in and read the small print on any portion of the timeline.

Thank you to Bible Charts and Maps LLC and The Old Schoolhouse Crew for sponsoring this review.

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