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Kids love crafts, and this mom loves to be able to combine crafts with our school studies. They make a great hands-on way to reinforce history, science, and other subjects. I was happy to receive a complimentary fringe pouch kit from Corps of Re-Discovery last month for review.

The fringe pouch kit contains two pieces of suede-like material that are pre-punched with holes, a piece of fringed material, a long strand of thick, waxed thread, a tapestry needle, and a long strap (sort of like a boot lace).  Though it’s recommended for ages seven and up, I gave the kit to my six-year-old. He was able to make the whole pouch with some help from me.

Assembling the pouch is easy – the two pieces of fabric are laid with right sides together and then sewn through the pre-punched holes starting at one corner. James was able to sew through the holes himself until he came to the bottom portion where the fringe needed to be sewn on. I felt like it might be difficult for him to hold the fringe in place and sew at the same time, so I sewed across the bottom for him, and then he continued sewing until he reached the other top corner.

The fabric is then sewn back through the holes again so that the thread is continuous on both sides and the seams are strong and sturdy. The strap is then cut into two pieces and thread through larger pre-punched holes in the top of the pouch. Together, they form a drawstring.

James was so excited when he finished the pouch. He immediately ran off to find some rocks or something to put in it, and he kept saying that he was Daniel Boone. I love seeing a fun activity prompt the kids to play about historical people and events.

Since finishing the pouch, Nick and James have pretended to be frontiersmen in the mountains, on the Lewis & Clark expedition, and Native American hunters. I took some pictures of them with my camera phone, but I can’t find my SD card to transfer the pictures to my computer. Maybe soon!

The fringe pouch kit is available for $11.99 on the Corps of Re-Discovery website, where you’ll also find several other historical craft kits from different time periods including American Indian, Pioneer and Colonial, and Frontiersmen.

Thank you to The Old Schoolhouse Crew and Corps of Re-Discovery for sponsoring this review.

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