Wilderness Survival: Don’t Forget the Train Tickets

My sons occasionally watch a video series called Kudzu’s World of Adventure, which is created by and stars a boy named Jack, his friend Justin, and his dog Kudzu. In each episode, Jack and crew pack up various survival gear and hike out into the woods to … well, survive.

They fish, catch crawdads, cook over an open fire, sleep under the stars, and do all those manly things that most modern boys only dream of. Needless to say, all three of my boys absolute love KudzuWOA. (James was only too thrilled last fall when he got a convertible shovel-pick survival tool as a door prize at a Youth Day at the Range event. “It’s just like the one on Kudzu.”)

Earlier, I walked by Nick’s bedroom and noticed all three boys wearing full backpacks. Robert said excitedly, “Mom!! We’re playing Kudzu!” (Now it’s been two or three months since they watched a Kudzu video, so I thought it was very cute masculine that they were suddenly channeling their inner survivalists.)

James said, “I’m carrying the blankets,” and Nick said, “I’ve got a hatchet here,” (indicating a plastic semi-flat toy in his hand), “and some tools in my pack.”

“And what are you packing?” I said, looking at four-year-old Robert.

“Um,” he replied and reached behind him to pat his full backpack, “choo-choos.”

Wise thinking, indeed.

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  1. Yep, just in case! :)
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  2. Must not forget the train tickets. Good one Robby!!!

  3. That's cute. My boys used to love trains when they were little. (sigh) I miss those days…
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