Mom of 3-2

My older two boys, Nick & James, are away at church camp this week, which leaves Robert and me home alone. And we’re not used to that.

The first morning, we ate breakfast and then Robert played outside. By 10:20, he came in and said, “I want my brothers.”

So we watched a video . . . Franklin (oh dear, I thought my preschool video watching days were over).

Then we read some books . . .

Then we ran errands to pay a couple bills, stopped by the dollar store and bought a $1 pistol & holster and a $1 coloring/activity book. The gun’s been a big hit, but the activity book hasn’t been opened yet.

By the time Jon came home from work, our living room floor was filled with a comforter, three pillows, my laptop table (upside down and being used as a skid-steer loader), eight stuffed animals, 14 picture books, the contents of Robert’s preschool box, and some sundry other items.

I thought the house was messy because we had three boys. Apparently, I underestimated one of them.

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  1. It is amazing how quickly that can happen!!! I have 2 boys and when we have a fort in the living room every blanket, pillow and stuffed animal finds its way their :) I like the upsidedown table idea though. I have some dinner trays that would work really well for that:)

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