Making Laundry Work

Do you like to do laundry? Yeah, me neither. We moms have to find a laundry routine that works.


Does laundry ever make you feel like this?
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Currently, I’m using a once-a-week laundry routine that has greatly simplified things for me and has been working well for over two months.

Each Monday, my sons drag the two clothes hampers from our bathrooms into the kitchen (where my laundry area is). I try to start the first load by 11am.

Then all day long, I keep the washer and dryer humming. When the dryer kicks off, I empty it, switch the wet laundry out of the washing machine, and then start a new load. The boys help by carrying laundry baskets of clean items to my bedroom and sometimes by switching the loads.

Sometimes I fold some during the day – more often, I fold bunches and bunches late in the evening. My husband often hangs up the closet items, and everyone puts their own clothes away in drawers.

I end up doing about 6-8 loads of laundry on Mondays with this method. I also try to strip the beds and wash sheets every other Monday. Sometimes all of this spills over into Tuesday, but that’s okay.

Once it’s all done and put away, I don’t do laundry again until the following Monday. That means…

  • no lugging baskets
  • no folding clothes
  • no measuring detergent
  • no bending over to dig clothes out of the dryer

…for five or six days! Hallelujah!

My husband washes the towels later in the week. It’s usually about three loads, and he typically does one a day before leaving for work in the morning. I put them in the dryer and fold them later that day. (For some reason, folding towels doesn’t bug me nearly as much as folding clothes!)

So how do you make laundry work at your house?

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